Media said the new Japanese Prime Minister canceled plans to visit China this month on the 12th

June 7, according to Japanese government sources more than 7 said Japan’s new Prime Minister, Naoto Kan decided to cancel the 12th of this month to attend the Shanghai World Expo in Japan to visit China Pavilion Day program. The source said it was because the tour does not include the summit, as the new prime minister’s first visit to “the impression was not strong enough.”

It is reported that on the 25th of this month’s Group of Eight summit held in Canada, Naoto Kan will be the first foreign visit. Japan has also considered the resignation of former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, Naoto Kan at the Expo on behalf of the activities, which are being coordinated.

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Netherlands national team arrived in South Africa


June 6, 2010, the Dutch national soccer team arrived in northern Johannesburg, the hotel stay, the door is to meet their supporters. Netherlands in the European zone qualifying 8 8 wins battle, the first World Cup competition the right to ball into the 17 record only lost two balls are very perfect, mainly young people in orange suits Corps has been on the right track.

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World Cup on the eve of fans stampede took place in South Africa

June 6, in the suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa a World Cup stadium Maku Long warm-up, the Asian challenge to the New Army Korean Super Eagles of Nigeria in Africa. According to foreign media reports, as free competition open to fans, fans outside the stadium at halftime pushed the door and the stampede occurred, so many fans were injured.

According to the latest news about the media, although the match in the Johannesburg suburb of conduct, but due to FIFA to determine the game no fees, so it brought together a large number of fans the celebration. But because the stadium can only hold 10,000 people, many fans unable to enter the stadium spectators. Nigeria 1-0 lead when, after some emotional fans in Nigeria pushed the door, rushed into the stadium, stormed the court in the course of some fans being knocked down, then people are stepped on the back, and many people were injured. But more seriously, by the Nigerian fans tear down the stadium gate to suppress a police officer, which led to serious injuries were taken to hospital.

Memories of the fans were injured at the scene, they are baseball fans in the stadium when a large number of people pushed back, and then they were pressing in the Rendui the bottom, but after that there are fans constantly stepped on from them. “I was crushed at the bottom, I felt I was going to die. The police so that we are here waiting for an ambulance, but until now no one to pick us.” A bleeding head, said the South African fans.

Fans make the Korean and Nigerian unrest had to interrupt the game for 5 minutes, when control of the situation before the police gradually resumed. According to media reports, the current statistics of the injured fans had reached 20. A local police officers complained in an interview with FIFA: “FIFA set the game for free to see the consequences right now!”

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Authority is expected to visit NBA draft optimistic Dong Hanlin

June 6, following Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, the next possible landing of Chinese NBA player would be who? The authority of the United States picks the media “DraftExpress” Chief Draft expert Jonathan Givony webmaster in his blog today publicly recommended three future NBA players were optimistic about entering the Chinese player Dong Hanlin ranked them, and received high praise .

Kewaunee today recommended three players were: Joseph Franky, Les North · Kris ProLogis, and Dong Hanlin. In the comments on Dong Hanlin, the Kewaunee summarized into three points: “superior height, strong self-confidence, excellent athletic ability.”

Cause of the event is the annual “Adidas training camp in Europe” will be held June 5 -7 days Treviso in Italy’s La Ghirada Sports Centre for 18 years to 21 years of age during the World Youth to provide a display of elite basketball the best chance of self, but also attracted a large number of NBA scouts. The young players in China have two people to attend the training camp, one is Bangladeshi duo, the other is the Dong Hanlin.

This is the eighth Adidas training camp held in Europe, while the basketball is in addition to youth training activities outside the United States officially recognized the only NBA training camp before the draft. NBA star Shilamufu former German legend and legendary coach With Cosmin  Lei Oropesa will attend this training camp in Europe and served as guest lecturer.

Kewaunee invited to attend this event on behalf of the media in the United States draft, he watched a large number of players in the personal information and past video game, the selected relatively optimistic about his young mind, and recommended that the above three players. As for the other player Meng, a Chinese priest, Kewaunee, and did not give his own evaluation.

Dong Hanlin was born in February 1991, from the steppes of Inner Mongolia, stands 6 feet 10 inches (2 meters 08), weight 95 kg, the functional power forward. His outstanding jumping ability, rebound control is also impressive, although relatively thin body, but the court dare Ganpin, self-confidence is very strong, flexible feet, while Marketer blocks on tape.

Dong Hanlin of Growth took off like a rocket generally two years ago, he was a just promoted to a team of rookie; two years later, already hanging on his neck two championship gold medals, and selected state logical team. Over the past season, he averaged 7.2 points and 4.4 rebounds as the defending Guangdong Hongyuan important pillar of success inside. Star in this year’s All-Star Weekend sharp race, he scored 19 points one person to lead the South team to 91-80 reversed the North team won two consecutive years of cutting-edge game MVP. In the final stage, his five games with four starts with a good complete their task.

“This time I was going to Italy to participate in Adi Xiaodong training camp, as time is short, so the impact for the national team is not too great.” Meng Duo before departure, “said Deng Huade (China Men’s Basketball Coach ) We also agreed to participate in this training camp, but he also knows that this training camp, on this matter is very supportive and we are probably on June 8 or 9 on the back, so nothing too much impact. “

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Determine a new successor, Sarah McQueen

Recent personnel changes in the fashion world quite frequently. Jean Paul Gaultier left Hermes, began to focus on individual brands, but before the new Hermes designer is the effect on Lacoste’s Christophe Lemaire. Another talented designer Oliver Theyskens also found new ownership Theory. But the most sensational, but also is the latest personnel decisions Gucci Group: Alexander McQueen designer died in less than six months, finally found a new creative director to replace Lee, and that is Sarah Burton.

Sarah Burton who? She was born in Manchester in 1997, graduated from Central Saint Martins, Alexander McQueen in 1996 joined the design team, as McQueen for nearly 16 years, took over in 2000 began a comprehensive brand ladies. The Winter Series in 2010 before the release, Sarah Burton to help McQueen on time nearly half of the design, which is the last of a series of McQueen during his lifetime.

Gucci Group before it gave up divergent views of Gareth Pugh, and chose the little-known Sarah Burton, because in the end there? What concerns everyone on the move?

One reason, good management

And personality and distinctive Garenth Pugh presumably, not very well known but the diligent work of Sarah Burton, from a commercial point of view, indeed a very good management of subordinates. Also, itself has been in a “brand service” phase of Burton, familiar with the old environment, salary requirements will not be high estimate where to go. Instead of running another Garenth Pugh Running Running (not necessarily running to go), meet with a rebuff to offend people, “artists”, Burton can be described as inexpensive hundreds of times, what is wrong?

And second, to make money

Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen work for a major task is to design abstract idea and the design of T stage strange exaggerated “normal”, not only to retain the essence McQueen, also gives the actual wearing. So you see in the shop who sold the styles, many of them from the hands of Sarah Burton. Gucci Group is not a philanthropist, designer brand suicide itself is a hit, then the next step, how to make the brand pull through, first earned enough money, is something they consider serious. At this point, Sarah Burton is clearly the best choice.

Three reasons, Paul Style

When talking about his successor, Burton said: “Lee’s core philosophy is to create modern, beautiful handmade clothing. And I will continue to write his story truthfully.” Side as Alexander McQueen nearly 14 years of assistant, Sarah Burton for Lee himself and his understanding of the brand, probably better than all the designers. Therefore, selected her to serve as the brand’s new creative director, for maintaining the brand’s core idea, extend brand style, is essential.

One concern, leadership

As a Creative Director, Sarah Burton challenges can not design clothes, but can not let people listen. Leadership, or personal charisma, a good designer must have quality. Although Sarah Burton has been working in this team more than a decade, could be replaced followed after the designer, perhaps changes in the way of work. Has never been a “great leader” of the term of Choice between Love, can make a number of craftsmen subservience to men, listen to her thoughts, her understanding of the concept of it? And Lee McQueen fans and his lifetime friends Kate Moss and others, will look at how to do this is called Sarah’s McQueen? People really are pinched for her to sweat … …

Concerns the second, change style

Although Sarah Burton understanding of the brand’s unparalleled style, it is still worrying, a woman in the eyes of McQueen, and men in the eyes of McQueen, will be the same? I do not know the eyes of McQueen Burton woman, a woman will be stronger than Lee’s or more docile? For this, I was also worried that they expect. Everything until June of this year, Winter 2010/2011 Fashion Week announced women’s clothing. From this standpoint, Gucci Group is led by Sarah Burton and her new Alexander McQueen did a good warm-publicity.

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Expo LED lighting, integrated energy-saving rate of more than 70%

LED Lighting

Lighting to create a night

Spectacular night view, one of the highlights of Shanghai World Expo, which is mainly due to large-scale LED (light emitting diode) lighting application of new technologies. It is estimated that the entire park Expo LED chips in the 1 billion amount of more than 80% of the park over night lighting with LED technology. LED low-carbon characteristics coincide with the concept of the Shanghai World Expo, will inject new life into the future urban development.

Expo’s permanent venue, “a four-axis Hall” is the place where most LED applications. Sun Valley Expo Axis unpredictable night lights, is one of Expo attractive, that the above LED light points more than 80,000. Bright red China Pavilion China, but also by the white LED light to cast against the background. Theme Pavilion, Expo Centre, Cultural Centre also has its own colorful. Expo opening piece as long as 300 meters, 30 meters high, the world’s largest outdoor LED display, also rotating the fireworks together to create an unforgettable visual feast.

In addition to the “one axis and four Hall”, Expo Square, Area landscape lighting, landscape belt along the river, logo and intelligent guidance system and the various national pavilions were mostly new technology uses LED lighting.

LED display

Digital controlled lighting ideas

Taiwan Museum of the biggest bright spot – the water table in the prayer lighting lanterns on the application of the LED display, turned into the day light sky at the wonderful sight. “Peace and prosperity,” “Love and Peace” … … a light lamp electronic pray blessings sent to the hearts of people around the world.

Saudi Arabia, one of Expo favorite curator 91 meters wide, 47 meters of the “Moon Ship” style architecture, large circular vessel body LED screens around the world, the children’s smiling faces. German Pavilion climax show “the source of power,” the big ball surface, also covered with 400,000 LED light-emitting diodes used to show changing patterns. Petroleum Museum, general museum, a theater, also are equipped with different characteristics of the LED screen, and the museum displays its complement.

Urban Best Practices in the Puxi area, there is a brick paved with LED lights the road, when night fell, LED systems change over time, on the ground show a different color and pattern, instructions for visitors to provide information .

LED market

Application of the market over a large energy Qi Cheng

Although the Expo Light and, but actual consumption is not too much, in large part due to energy-saving LED technology features. As a new solid-state light source, LED has a small size, low power consumption, long life, fast response, high reliability, has been the world’s recognized as a major energy saving lighting materials. Shanghai Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research Center director Guo Yansheng introduced EXPO LED lighting applications such large-scale, comprehensive energy efficiency can reach 70%.

Since 2005, Shanghai started the LED lighting used in the R & D Expo, accumulated a large number of technical basis, such as semiconductor lighting design and architecture night art technology, semiconductor technology and intelligent control, network system integration technology, domestic high-power white light LED devices are large-scale application of technology.

China is already the world’s largest LED application market, and the inclusion of the semiconductor LED lighting and long-term technology development plan, the country has seven national semiconductor lighting industrial bases, Shanghai is one of them. In addition to displays and lighting, the optical medical, seed cultivation, household appliances have begun application of LED technology.

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Record 390 million transactions Tingjian work world auction record for Chinese art

Huang Ting “pillar Ming” 390 million transactions a world auction record for Chinese art record

MOSCOW 11:12 last night, after nearly 70 bid, the Chinese art auction world record for the first time, was born in China – Song Tingjian calligraphy “pillar Ming” volume to 390 million yuan fall of the hammer, with 12% The commission, the total transaction price reached 436.8 million yuan. The transaction price is far more than in 2005 at Christie’s auction house in London, “graph down Gui Yuan blue and white jar,” created about 230 million yuan of Chinese art a record.

As of 9:45 last night, the evening began at 7 Poly Spring Auction of Chinese modern, contemporary painting through the night market has 12 million entries, of which, Xu Beihong’s “Zodiac” and “Spring Hill ass back map” of each of 6500 million and 60 million hammer. As the “pillar Ming” special approaches, more people began to enter the auction site, preparing witness who gets this national treasure.

At 10:49, Huang, “Ming-pillar” volume to 80 million yuan beat, the best bid price of millions of dollars began to increase at a rate in the fast-breaking 100 million yuan, the bidding price began to rise from two million to five million yuan in 160 million yuan, the bidding began to 10 million units, and quickly rose to 300 million yuan. Since then, competition in the auction hall on the left between the two seats to start off telephone commission, bid must also returned from a 5 million yuan, was the last race, “Martin mainstay” of the commissioning of two 10 million increase to the end of auction , the hammer price and fixed cells in 390 million yuan.

“Chinese art to appear before the price of 10 million yuan feel great, and today can be such a price, reflecting the wealth of China’s economic development and the increase in the prosperity of the cultural works of art, people are excited.” Poly Culture Group Limited Jiang Yingchun, deputy general manager, said, before prices for Chinese art in the international market is very low, the auction means that Chinese economic development, the Chinese art of value also Kaishidedao it’s correct understanding of Chinese art in the international market position has also been enhanced.

Before the fall of the hammer last night, Song Huang Ting “Tobe Martin” has been in the industry believe that Poly Spring Auction is the spring of this year, making the market even the most important Chinese works of art. The volume up to 8.24 m, total 82 lines 407 words are hidden behind the United States, 18.22 meters in cursive, “Biographies of Lian Po Lin Hsiang-ju” volume and possession of the National Palace Museum in Taipei’s 10-meter grew up Xingkai “Ming-chan poetry volumes Postscript” than the famous “Fubo posts” (8.20 m), “all attendance Tie” (7.29 meters) long. With ancient inscriptions, nearly 15 meters in length.

According to experts, “Ming-pillar” for the 1095 volume before and after the work by Hou, Jia Sidao, such as collection of Yuan Bian, long popular in China, the people, half of the 20th century to Japan from the Guangdong flow for Japan o Museum Collection, until a few years ago, collectors bought in Taiwan, this is the first time in the auctions.

Previously, this hand-rolled as text, calligraphy style, and so there are differences with Tingjian other works, as early Qianlong period had been considered to be fake, there are a lot of suspicion. The National Palace Museum Steering Committee, National University of Tainan Institute of Art History Master Shin Bo Master study guide, eventually identified as Huang Ting authentic, but the wind Huang Ting conversion of the manuscript book, he specifically written for this volume a nearly million characters of the study.

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Adult-level online game “mortal line” into the countdown for sale

May 31, adult-level online game “mortal online Online” official website updated home page put a countdown has entered the preparation stage for sale. “Mortal Online” is expected to ship on June 9.

As the countdown to the game on sale, the official site also released a corresponding resource, open more game-related sections, such as: games feature stops material download, forum update, the new game settings description part, update the user agreement and naming .

This release of the special material, produced a “mortal online,” the first websites published material packages, including the game’s logo, music, images, racial set map, there are two new games wallpaper. Team committed to continually update material package, the next to join the race insignia, and more set maps.

Game forum, will be closed 24 hours for program upgrade. In addition, “mortal online,” the official website of the game to open a new information section, introduce the game to the player characters, monsters, geography and history.

Supporting the work of the team that will be modified to open the User Agreement and naming the game, the team also revealed a number of names for new artists and programmers, the content will follow up to protect the game.

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USA won the Cup in 2015

The United States won the championship in front of the rival bids from Switzerland and Italy in a vote in Turkey.

to ‘have been our nation is a great honor, selected, the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2015 FIS-host, said the Ski and Snowboard Association President Bill Marolt said in a statement.

The World Championships were held in the U.S. five times, most recently in Vail in 1999.

The next World Cup will be in Germany in 2011 with the event in 2013, Austria.

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Gorillaz will replace U2 sing the Glastonbury Music Festival

Damon Albarn (Damon Albarn) this year again in the world’s largest outdoor music festival appearances, this time, he will come to their own virtual band Gorillaz board Glastonbury (Glastonbury) stage, will replace the national treasure U2 The Irish band as the main festival lineup this year.

As lead singer Bono as the back of the hospital for emergency surgery, U2 had to give up the opportunity to sing in the festival, and being in the band canceled the rest of the world tour.

Recently there were rumors constantly heard, claiming that an alternative may be the band U2 Aerosmith (Aerosmith), Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones) and AC / DC these bands, or even almost impossible to Led Zeppelin (Zeppelin airship).

However, the festival organizer Michael Eavis finally announced, Albarn, after a year, will return with his Gorillaz Music Festival Pyramid Stage, in 2009 He has worked with Blur’s members gathered in the Music Festival, presented for the fans a good show.

Eavis says, “Friday night, the absolute pyramid on stage is a gluttonous feast of visual auditory, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as Muse and Stevie Wonder to bring you good show.”

This year in April, Gorillaz have been served in California at the Coachella (Keqi La Music Festival) in the main lineup, and will continue to serve on July 18 Spain Benicassim Music Festival main lineup.

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